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Looking for things to do in Weggis? From centennial summer festivities to a one-week ski experience on the top of the mountain Rigi. Here you will find tons of plans to enjoy Weggis in many different ways. Are you looking for a summer plan by the lake? Would you rather go with your family for a trekking route by the mountainside? It doesn’t matter if you are visiting the region with your friends or your grandparents, in Weggis there will always be a good plan for you.


Anyone could easily say the season of the year it is in Weggis by the plans that are available at the moment. This one is a place of contrast also when it comes to fill up your time with things to do. A good way to categorize this variety could be by Lake activities, Mountain activities and Old Town activities.

Summer time is a moment where the live sparkles all around Weggis. The Lake is full of locals an tourists that look for a refreshing dive in its clear water, but also the Mount Rigi witnesses the higher presence of nature lovers walking up and down through its majestic hillside. Visitors that in Winter time switch the trekking for Skies and Snowboards while in Spring and Autumn the many local historic festivities bring life to the small village of Weggis.

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