Between the snow-capped Swiss Alps and the clear waters of Lake Lucerne lies Weggis, a small village with immense charm and really  long history roots. From Winter to Summer, doesnt matter the moment of the year, Weggis has become very popular destination within Swiss people but also turists. Breathtacking location and soft weather, good restaurants and nice people, tradition and innovation, the reasons to visit Weggis never end.  

Where nature meets people


Swiss German


436 meters at Lake Lucerne level 1658 meters at mountain Rigi level



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Just in the middle of Switzerland, between the steep slopes of the Swiss alps and right on the cristal translucent shores of lake Lucern you will find Weggis. It is part of the Canton of Lucerne, a swiss-german speaking canton know for its deep roots in history and their respect for tradition among other things.

It is on the southwest side of mount Rigi where Weggis lies, between some other historic villages like Küssnacht, Greppen, Vitznau and Gersau, not far from the city of Lucerne or even Zurich, where it takes around 50 minutes to arrive if you are driving your own car or motorcycle.

ll Saints Chapel
Café Dahinden facade
Gwarb Weggis
Mark Twain Monument
 Vierwaldstättersee views
Ship Station

This municipality developed surrounded by nature. Lies between steep mountains, clear water and an extensive lay of threes that iniciates on the top of mount Rigi and flows down all its sides right until the centary village.

Weggis is also…

A growing community that tries to evolve in a sustainable way, respecting the environment and nature that surrounds the village at the same time that its habitants and local business owners develop business concepts around excellence and quality, no matter the industry. From farms to Coffee machines, going through one of the top wellness retreats in Switzerland, each single company in Weggis is built to endure.

Calm is a precise adjective we could use when talking about Weggis. We could also talk about it as traditional, warm and noble. A land of hardworking people that built up what today is one of the most idyllic places to live.


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